ST. James Way


The Way of St. James:
The tomb of the Apostle St. James the Greater, Spain´s patron, was discovered at Compostela about A.D. 813 and soon dre pilgrims from troughout Europe. Maintained by the Benedictines and secured by the Knights Templar, the southern route became the principal path.

This drawings are some of the principal places in this way to Santiago. They were prepared for an exhibition at Nia Restaurant, in Brighton.

El Camino de Santiago:
Estas ilustraciones están basadas en los principales lugares del Camino Francés. Con ellos llevé a cabo una exhibición en el restaurante Nia, en Brighton.


This is my last project for Akusah Productions. I really like the good results of the simplicity of the image.

El último trabajo que he realizado para Akusah Productions. Realmente me gusta el resutado de una imagen sencilla.